Being Brave

Reading the book, I  Am Malala,  is teaching that bravery is an important part of life, because it saves people with changes or challenges people face. Malala was being brave when the Taliban warned her that she could not attend school, but, she did anyway in the text it says, “ The future of our country can never be bright if we don’t educate the young generation.” Malala had to stand up by going to school, because if the Taliban see her going,  they will do something terrible  to her.

In Pakistan, Malala inspired kids to be courageous against the Taliban. Malala also made speeches to kids about bullying and other problems. She even was at risk when she didn’t go outside without a burqa . Also, Malala wasn’t the only one who had to be face challenges in the book, it was also her father. He was being heroic when he went and risk himself by protesting against the Taliban. The girls in Malala’s school were being firm, when, they went to school secretly when the Taliban said they could not.  Malala’s mother was being confident when she walked into a store without wearing the proper burqa, even though, she can’t afford the burqas that cover all of her skin. If they also look at her without wearing the proper burqa again, they will do something bad to her ,because the text says “  They should only in emergencies and only wearing a burqa and only with a male relative. “ Just when the Taliban came they started bombing really close to Malala’s house, because in the text it stated “ One night when a blast hit especially close to our house,  I went to my father’s side.” If that happens to the United States  that is really scary because you can see it , but Malala didn’t panic or scream or wanting to escape, instead Malala decided to be brave.

Reading “ I Am Malala” is teaching a lot  of life lessons. Her Dad, her Mom, and  the girls who attended school when they weren’t suppose to also taught life lessons. If  we were in that situation we would not know what to do. But Malala did she made speeches encouraging kids to be brave whatever the problem is. Malala is educating people to always be courageous in any situation. Finally, bravery is an important part of life when you face challenges or face a really big change in people’s life.  

Annemarie’s Change

Annemarie changed  in the story  when the German soldiers came to her house while Ellen was there. The problem and bravery  with Ellen being at her house is because Ellen is a Jew, and the German soldiers came to see if the Rosens were at their house. But Ellen was the only Rosen at  their house, and Ellen’s hair was black. The problem with Ellen’s hair being black was that Jews hair was black. So when the soldier saw Ellen he said what was her name, and Ellen said Lise Johansen. So  Mama and Papa showed a picture of Lise when she was a baby because Ellen’s hair was black, and Lise’s hair was black when she was a baby. After the soldiers were gone Mama said it was time to take the girls to Uncle Henrik’s, and from that day she knew she had to be brave. When Mama, Annemarie, Kristi, and Ellen got to Uncle Henrik Mama and Uncle Henrik started lying to them. Annemarie found out they were lying when she never remembered about a Great Aunt Birte, and talked to Uncle Henrick . Then Annemarie told Uncle Henrik if they were lying to them. So Uncle Henrik told her why their were lying to her, he said because” it is much easier to be brave if you do not know everything.” But she only understood what he meant when the soldiers came into the house and asked who was in the casket. Annemarie then understood what Uncle Henrik meant and said my Great Aunt Birte. I think Annemarie’s changed and her whole life will too.  

The Christmas Gift

 The best gift that I gave this past Christmas was a perfume and a pair of fuzzy socks. The person that I gave it to was my best friend, Olivia.  When I gave the gift she was really happy that she could jump out of her seat and give me a big hug. It made me feel happy to give a gift to my best friend who has been my friend since I was in kindergarten. The  reason I decided to give her the gift because she reminds me when we are going to take tests, and talk to me when I am bored. I think that this past Christmas was the best Christmas that me and Olivia experienced.


5th Grade Reflections

This year was the best year. I did fun activties like make 3D art, learned how to play Chess, go through the decades, write a letter for when we graduate, we colored a graduation hat. But we didn’t just color it there was a key. The key talked about the things you like and don’t like. And by theses activies I learned a lot of things. I’m going to miss fifth grade. One thing I’m going to miss is my teachers and friends. I have three best friends that support me and help me when I need help. So I hope I have a great year in 6th grade.

The Battle Of Gettysburg

I will be telling you about the Battle of Gettysburg. This battle was on July 1, 1863, and lasted 3 days. This battle was also the largest battle of the Civil War. There were 6,000 killed both of the Union Army and Confederate Army. In the Confederate Army the general was Robert E. And in the Union Army the general was George Meade. The battle of Gettysburg was at Gettysburg, Pennslyvania in the field. And the Union Army won the battle while the Confederate Army retreated. I hope you learned more about the battle of Gettysburg.